Saturday, April 7, 2007

Staying on Task

I've resolved to focus on a single project until completion before flitting off to start new ones. Therefore, I'm working away on the second Opal sock and I've made good progress...well into the foot and the second sock is matching the first perfectly. I'm so pleased. Possibly I'll finish this weekend depending on how much time I devote to our Easter celebration. A photo will be posted when I'm finished.
Stitch markers for my two swap partners are complete and mailed. No pictures so as not to spoil the surprise for the recepients. Making markers is very addictive. I've loved every set I've created and it is difficult to part with them but I also mailed a set to eldest DD. Hope she appreciates them.
After taking a long break from CPH I have a new plan of attack. I was almost finished with the second front when I realized I was wrapping my knit stitches incorrectly. After knitting a few rows correctly I could see a clear difference between "good" knit stitches and "bad" knit stitches. At that point I paused for reflection. I've decided to frog everything and start again knitting the body as one piece to eliminate side seams. It is still snowing here so I'm not yet too late for a wool sweater.

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