Sunday, January 6, 2008

2007 - Knitting Rediscovered

2007 was a very productive knitting year. I completed:

11 pairs of socks
22 hats
14 scarves
2 pairs of fingerless gloves
2 pairs of mittens
1 bag
1 sweater

Many of these projects have already appeared here and all can be seen on Ravelry. I'm pleased to see a progression in difficulty and skill and hope to continue that trend into 2008. My stash grew in 2007 and I'm contemplating knitting goals for the new year which will wisely use those accumulated yarns. Charity knitting will definitely continue and I'm thinking of knitting more for others now that my products are more gift worthy. Any family members reading this who have requests should make them known before I select something totally inappropriate for you.

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