Thursday, January 18, 2007

Almost Complete

The Diagonal Block Scarf is off the needles and the bathroom contractors will be finished today. Both projects will have loose ends to finish. The scarf requires blocking and my ironing board will not be adequate for this task. I need a better option preferably one which has a background grid so I can square up those diagonal blocks. I'm thinking of buying a cardboard Dritz cutting board if those still exist but know that the water from blocking will shorten its life. The bathroom will still need painting, a shower curtain, window treatments and a new door. Many of those tasks are dependent on DH who is having minor surgery tomorrow so patience is necessary. I'm not sure what color I want for the walls as the tile and countertop have lots of color. We may end up with white walls.
New resolve - must learn to take my own digital photos so I can post whenever I choose and not be dependent on others.
Misty Garden is still not calling my name and I may frog the Karaoke scarf as I like the design but the width is a little narrow for me. I know my knitting time will soon be severely restricted so the next project was a difficult decision but here it is.
I have a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca acquired via EBay in the Martha's Vineyard colorway (and it is first on the stash list) which I intend to turn into a Starry Scarf as seen here.
Bathroom pictures WILL be taken this evening. Watch for them!


em-geek said...

You can totally take your own photos! You can also get a free flickr account so you can post them without uploading them to dad's webserver.

Teal said...

Uploading to the web server is not a problem. I have a nifty PERL routine which helps with that. I'm not very familiar with the digital camera but really should learn.