Monday, January 15, 2007

A Good Day for Knitting

Woke up this morning to icy rain which was coating the trees and shrubs and threated to make travel difficult. The bathroom construction workers cancelled for the day and I ventured out to the dentist during the morning for a crown preparation. Fortunately the roads were not icy. I had intended to continue to my office to pick up spring textbooks but instead came home and spent the rest of the day knitting and listening to a book on tape - The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory.
Two completed objects today - the Besotted Scarf for the Red Scarf Project is blocked and ready to mail and the Malabrigo Hat is complete as well. I decided it was time to knit for myself and not wanting to tackle the mohair Misty Garden at the moment pulled out the Reynolds Andean Alpaca for the Diagonal Block Scarf from the Vogue Knitting Scarves book. The design is intended to simulate entrelac but is really alternating squares of garter and stockinette on the diagonal. I tried it once before but didn't like my method of adding stitches and so frogged it. I've now mastered a better method of adding stitches and am finding the knitting is going quite quickly.

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