Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Stash

Still no photos and the bathroom construction start was postponed until tomorrow. I've waited this long, what's one more day. Winter has come to my part of the world. Snow was falling when I woke up this morning and continued until midday. We've had one snow plow visit at least from our seasonal contract and I suspect there will be more.
Worked on adding my stash inventory to the blog. I knew how much yarn I had but didn't realize quite how long the list would be. Good incentive to stop browsing EBay for bargains and get to work using up some of the yarn I already own plus there are a few items still in transit (but they don't count yet, right). The Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca I bought on EBay arrived today and it is as lovely as I hoped. Now, if only the pattern would arrive. I could have one more WIP. Besotted has past the 50% point. I finished the first ball of yarn last night and she measures 34" so it is all downhill from here. Tried cabling w/o a cable needle but didn't seem faster for me so I'm back to using one of my double pointed needles for the cables.


rahime said...

Why did they postpone it?

Teal said...

The workers needed one more day to finish their previous job.

em-geek said...

Can't wait to visit once it's finished :)

You're brave, I don't think I want to list all my yarn. I even keep part of it here and part w/BF so I don't even know how much I really have.