Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've Made a Sock

I prefer not to think of myself as an ADD knitter. Rather, I have different projects which I work on at different times depending on amount of available time, difficulty level and required amount of concentration. CPH can be worked on almost any time and I squeeze in a few minutes in the morning prior to work and random bits of time in the evenings. My sock, however, requires much concentration since it is my first. I've been stalling on moving beyond the heel flap until I could devote my entire attention to the work with little chance of interuption. Saturday morning, I successfully made the gusset, picked up stitches on the heel flap and started knitting the foot. I was so delighted with the result that I kept stopping to admire my work every few rows. Eventually, I realized that if I kept plugging away I might conceivably finish the sock. By Saturday evening I was done except for Kitchnering the toes and I was very tired so postponed that task until this morning when I was alert. Amazingly, when I slipped them on they fit perfectly. I'm still not wild about the yarn but am glad my first sock is with a forgiving yarn. Little mistakes aren't visible. I have the small holes at the heel flap corner which everyone writes about so next sock I'll have to work on "fixing" those and I'm not very confident about my seaming technique yet but I'm very excited to have actually knit such a complex object.

Now I have to decide if I'm going to try to match the pattern on the second sock or just start knitting where the yarn ended. I really want matching but don't know if there is sufficient yarn.
Friday, DH and I drove to Buffalo on a window related trip and I visited a yarn store. A small amount of yarn was purchased and I have one more EBay purchase to show. Stay tuned.

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rahime said...

Nice! It looks like a great fit.