Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Item Three - Done!

Perhaps making a "to do" list was not such a bad idea. Every time I've been tempted to start a new knitted item I've been disciplined enough to remember my list. The second pair of children's socks is now complete and although still damp from blocking has been photographed and documented for posterity. Thought I might run out of yarn but ended up with a yard or two remaining.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll package all my items and send them on their way to Afghanistan via San Francisco.

Wish I could do more but this is the best I can do for this campaign.

I've been thinking ahead to October's knitting. Although I am unable to knit while commuting to and from work, I can think about knitting. There will be at least one pair of socks for Socktober and I'm considering one of the following choices:

(1) I Love Gansey socks like these by Pat

Rowan 4 Ply Soft - Irish Cream

(2) Rib and Cable socks like these from the YarnMaven

Mountain Colors Bearfoot - Tamarack

(3) Sweet Pea socks like these

Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet - Periwinkle

Which would you choose?


rahime said...

I would choose the Sweet Pea, bc I love that blue!

Will said...
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Hilary said...

(Sorry, the deleted post was from me, signed on as my husband -- didn't realize it would leave an unsightly blemish or I would have just left it.:)

What I said was:

I love the Gansey pattern (in fact I covet it -- do you have to join the sockalong to get it? And is it too late for that pattern?) but I also love the Sweet Pea pattern, and I'm with Rahime - the blue yarn is gorgeous!
The Mountain Colors yarn is stunning too, but I wonder if the pattern might get lost amidst all the color.
They're all great choices. I should try that, matching my sock yarns with patterns ... I really want to try that Gansey!!!

p.s. The striped socks are adorable.

Pat said...

Well - I've made the 1st 2 patterns, but haven't made the Sweet Peas, so I would go with those myself, but I think the I Love Ganseys would be perfect in Irish Cream!