Monday, October 1, 2007

September Wrapup

Time to review that September "To Do" List

Finish Trekking Socks for SAM4
Finish CPH
Finish and mail 5 sets of stitch markers
Use remaining Lion Brand Magic Stripe yarn for A4A item - child's socks, infant socks or infant hat
Package and mail A4A items

The afghans for Afghans package went in the mail Saturday and I finished Central Park Hoodie late Saturday night. I'm very anxious to show it off but it is still too damp to wear. Hopefully tomorrow you'll see pictures.

My new project is the Hill Country Yarns Periwinkle socks. They are knitting quickly and I'm hopeful I'll be able to complete them and the I Love Gansey socks this month. I'm also swatching for a Notre Dame de Grace pullover sweater. No cables or button bands this time but a very interesting stitch pattern and a challenging collar.

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rahime said...

Come on woman, let's see that CPH!