Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Living with Imperfection

Winter has come to Rochester and I was thrilled to have a No Work/ Snow Day today which allowed me to spend some quality time with my knitting and take some pictures to update the blog.

Let's begin by checking out those November goals.

1. Finish Fetching fingerless gloves. Done and I needed only a single ball of yarn so I now have an extra ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran lounging in my stash. Like many before me I omitted the picot bind off and just bound off in pattern. The gloves are very soft and I love the way the cables hug my wrists. Only negative is that the gloves are a trifle short for my taste with most of my fingers exposed. If I were to make these again I would add some more length but of course that would require the second ball of yarn.

2. Finish I Love Gansey Socks.

My plans for the I Love Gansey socks were too ambitious. I did faithfully knit on both socks and was very pleased to complete the cuffs on both (150 rows). As I was admiring my work and getting ready to begin the heel flap I noticed that I did not have the same number of hearts as others did. Upon closer inspection I slowly realized that even though I was using a spreadsheet I had misinterpreted the row spacing for the hearts and I had not repeated them as frequently as the designer specified. My initial reaction was to frog everything but instead I set the work aside before doing anything rash. DH finally convinced me that if I wanted to knit these socks twice I might as well finish the imperfect ones and make the next pair perfectly. That I will do after I finish my Christmas knitting.

3. Knit 1 charity hat - pattern to be determined. Check
Licking my wounds I found the Utopia hat pattern on Ravelry and was intrigued by the clever use of cables. This was a fun knit which took one ball plus a smidge of a second of Dive Autunno . This hat does run small and probably would best fit a small adult woman or youth.

I' m currently working on three Christmas gifts which can't be shown here as the receipients sometimes read this blog. Check back after December 25.


Hilary said...

The socks look stunning from here! I love the hat and gloves, too. Very soft and cozy-looking.

Pat said...

I like the spacing on your gansey hearts! They are going to be beautiful socks!!