Sunday, November 4, 2007

How Did It Get to be November?

It is as well I did not make a to-do list for October as I would now be very frustrated by my lack of knitting progress. I'll admit that for my first Soctober I was hoping to finish three pairs of socks. Ha! I did well to finish one pair and a part of one sock. I finished a pair of basic top down stockinette stitch socks for me in Paton's Kroy yarn on size 2 needles. All was smooth sailing until the middle of the second sock when I hit a knot with a break in the color sequence. A little cut and paste was required to keep the stripe pattern going and I finished with only a few yards of yarn but got my matching pair of socks which makes me happy. Good fit on these but perhaps a little baggy at the ankle.

The Hill Country periwinkle socks are currently in time out. I love the yarn but not the pattern so much and I'm thinking about frogging and trying another pattern. I'm also concerned about the durability of this very loosely spun yarn. Don't want to invest a lot of time if the socks are going to felt. The November installment of the yarn club should arrive this coming week.

The only other finished object this month was a Coral Bliss Scarf knit on a weekend trip. This is the third one of these I've made. A very quick easy knit with one of the softest yarns in the world - Debbie Bliss SuperChunky Cashmerino. The previous two went to charity but I'm keeping this one.

I did, as planned, swatch for Notre Dame de Grace but did not get gauge with the suggested size 7 needles so last night swatched again with 8's. Need to block and remeasure. This looks to be a very enjoyable knit if I can just figure out the proper needle size.

Although I think I might be tempting fate I'm making a list for November. After all, I will have that long Thanksgiving weekend and I'm not venturing out shopping on Friday this year. So, here's the list:

1.Finish Fetching fingerless gloves ( currently 30% complete)

2. Finish I Love Gansey socks (Currently 10-15 % complete. I'm knitting these in parallel and very carefully following a chart. Most complicated socks I've attempted but so far so good.)

3. Knit 1 charity hat - pattern to be determined.


Hilary said...

The socks look great - good job maneuvering around the break! I haven't had to deal with that yet (knock on wood.) The Gansey socks are beautiful already, and I love the Fetchings too. I went back and forth between the Dashing and Fetching ... I may have to make both.

Pat said...

Your 2 WIPs are really pretty and deserve to be finished for sure! and that scarf looks SO beautiful, soft and smooshy!

rahime said...

No shopping on Black Friday? But wasn't last year just so fun?