Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Break from Blogging

Although I've not been blogging for a variety of reasons, I have been knitting. The back and left front of CPH are complete and I'm approximately 10 inches into the right front. I've been thinking ahead and have ordered Celtic buttons so I'll have them when I need to make the buttonholes.

I've also completed the heel flap on the Opal sock and am ready to turn the heel but no pictures of that item today.

Beads from Fire Mountain Gems arrived and DH has asssembled two more sets of stitch markers. I love the frogs! If I use the frog stitch markers I shouldn't have to do any frogging, right?

Last weekend I visited Spirit Works and purchased the Jo Sharp Gathering book which has a couple of sweaters I like and also one skein of Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Aran Tweed in the Granary colorway for a trial knit to see if I like this yarn well enough to commit to a sweater.


rahime said...

Good to see you back! The hoodie looks great, and I like those buttons! I really wanted to see the sock, though. And do I get any stitch markers (moochie moochie! I do remember that I still owe you about $20 - if I send that can I get stitch markers?)

Hilary said...

The CPH looks great! I love the buttons too, where did you order them from? You remind me that I need to start looking for mine ...

(That deleted post was really from me; I forgot to sign on as myself!)

em-geek said...

Aw, the frogs are cute! Like Swimmy, right? hehe

Those are awesome buttons.