Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Lull Before the Storm

We're waiting for a major winter spring storm attack. The National Weather Service is forecasting a weather event for our area with the possibility of 6-10 inches of wet snow by Monday 6pm. In addition, we should expect consistent wind of 20-25 mph with gusts higher. East and southeast of Rochester (where I work) may get as much as 12-18 inches of snow by storm end. The possibility of a no-work day is tantalizing and I'm neglecting my usual weekend chores which I will probably regret.

I've been devoting considerable time to CPH and have 9 inches of the body complete. The 40" Addi Turbos arrived on Friday and I'm very pleased with them. I'm also glad I decided to reknit because I can see a clear difference in the quality of my work from old to new. The old cables were "fuzzy". These are crisp and well defined.

I've been contemplating my NYC train knitting project and have finally decided to make Lion Brand Magic Stripe Basic Socks with my Lion Brand Magic Stripes Brown/Blue pattern yarn. I've had this yarn for a long time and I want to do some more sock practice before I use the better, more expensive yarns.

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rahime said...

I'm going to be really jealous if you get a snow day! Hey, maybe we will too. The CPH looks great, and I'm so pleased that I practiced on cheaper sock yarn before trying anything expensive...