Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Snow Day

Some towns in my area received as much as 22 inches of snow yesterday, but we saw lots of wet gloppy snow/rain which fell most of the day and evening with little accumulation of snow but lots of standing water. DH went to work but I got to stay home. When I stepped into my back yard to take this picture I could see and hear Canada geese on their northward migration. They are more optimistic about spring than I. Our local weather man seemed to delight in calling this a crocus crushing storm but I fear for my daffodils.

Lots of knitting occurred and I am now at 12 inches of sweater body....2.5 inches more until the armholes.

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crissy said...

lovely sweater and am so glad we dont have anymore snow here in alaska :) tons of nice weather now and cant seem to stay inside LOL
i am really looking at diffrent places i can knit during the week when the sun is out too. yep doing take alongs now :) all socks :) ok thought i would stop in say hi i know your weather is improved by now though. see you again sometime soon tell then hugs and love and tons of prayers from me crissy aka knitmewarm in alaska