Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What We Think We Know

When I recently resumed knitting I assumed I remembered how to knit but as I started creating knitted objects I noticed that my knit stitches did not look as straight as others I was seeing on the web. At first I thought I was just rusty and my stitches would improve but that did not happen. Only when I was looking at one of the knitting books from my local library did I realize that I was wrapping the yarn in the opposite direction from the book's illustration. If one wraps clockwise around the front to the back a twisted stitch results as seen in last post's scarf. I've since retrained my brain to wrap counterclockwise from back to front and am now producing very straight knit stitches.

Likewise I assumed I remembered how to make yarn-overs so blithely started knitting the alpaca glitter scarf but again my scarf was not looking like the pattern illustration. No worries I thought...blocking would fix everything but even stretched the pattern still didn't look quite right. Once again I was wrapping backwards to create the yarn over. I've since frogged the first start and am knitting again with beautiful results. Tried to photograph but my camera did not do a good job of focusing so I'll try again later.

The Booga bag is finished and I did indeed know when felting occurred. It took two runs through the washer to achieve the desired results.

Tarah asked if felting gives me the heebie jeebies and indeed it does. I have a very vivid memory of a beautiful sky blue wool v-neck pullover sweater which DH inadvertently felted for me early in our married life. It goes against my nature to put wool in my washing machine but I'm so glad I overcame my resistance this time.

I've also just completed sock 1 in the Lion Brand Magic Stripe Bright Spring pattern. I really like these colors.


Hilary said...

I find it fascinating about your twisted stitches! Also I think it's a great effect on the scarf. Until recently I always used the knitted cast-on, and I think I was twisting my stitches, though I'm still not quite sure which way is right. (Now I use long-tail and avoid the whole thing!) I also had a sneaking suspicion recently that I was doing SSK slightly wrong. I guess that's how new stitch patterns are invented.
I love the bag, and the socks. You're being very productive!

Lia said...

When I first learned to knit, I was purling backwards, so every other row was twisted. I have to say that the effect is striking on a peice of stockinette!

Your Booga bag is really pretty - I love the colorway - did you use Noro?

I also like your story about your DH shrinking a sweater. When we were teenagers, my sister did me a favor and washed my clothes. My favorite grey sweater would fit Barbie after the washer AND the dryer ...