Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ravelry Has Taken Over My Life

Received my invite to Ravelry mid week and ever since have been busily cataloging my stash and projects for "My Notebook". DH watches in amusement as I photograph each skein of yarn and I'm wondering as well if I'm not giving in to my worst OCD tendencies but the organizational concept is very appealing. I've always wanted an inventory of all my yarn, needles, and projects. Seeing all my stash (and I've not completed the sock yarn yet) has given me a very visual reminder of how much yarn I have so I've stopped haunting EBay for the moment. Plus I have an upcoming birthday and I think (hope) I may be receiving some yarn gifts.

The Magic Stripes Bright Spring Socks are complete and although they are not as perfect as I might like they are good enough. I did end up with sufficient yarn and actually had quite a lot remaining which leads me to believe that there may be variation between skeins at Lion Brand. I still have one more skein of this yarn in a denim blue/red colorway but I'm putting that on hold and trying a more challenging sock.

Final tally on the Microspun Preemie Hats is three. I'll be making more of these in lavender at a later date.

I've started Hedera by Cookie with my Rowan 4 Ply Soft yarn in a color called Clover. Size 1 needles are a little like knitting with toothpicks but I've been pleasantly surprised by my progress. I currently have 8 of 14 pattern repeats complete for the leg of sock one.


rahime said...

How could organization be bad (yes, I am saying that)? Go see the Nancy Drew movie, you'll relate. The Hederas are gorgeous, making me think about knitting some, maybe in Knitpicks Gloss.

Hilary said...

Ooh, I love the Hederas too. They are on my "possible" list. I like yours better than the original!

I'm not sure I need any encouragement of my
OCD tendencies, but if it kept me from buying yarn, that would be good.

knitphomaniac said...

awesome sock knitting!

By the way, I've received your stitch markers and have posted thanks on my blog!

Lia said...

I'm not sure I could deal with having to log all of my stash ... I started my own database, but gave up after 2 bins - the whole thing was just too overwhelming.

Love those Hedras! I might have to put them on my list, too!