Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Woman's Prerogative

I've been happily alternating knitting projects....2 hours in the morning on the sweater, 2 hours in the evening on the scarf, etc. This morning it was time to give the second Bright Spring sock some attention. I was so proud of the first sock as I'm sure you could tell from my close-up pictures. The second one is not going to be so perfect and I'm annoyed.

Midway down the leg I encountered a knot and not only a knot but a knot which had not taken the color pattern into account. Orange connected to green so I untied the knot and wasted enough yarn to match as best I was able. But now I am concerned that I will run out of yarn before finishing the foot. Plus, I'm thinking the woven-in ends will make the sock lumpy. Curse you Lion Brand!

I've had second thoughts about the next socks. This beauty arrived in my mailbox today and turned my head.

Online SuperSocke from the Beach collection in the Pistachio Gelato colorway. The yarn is a cotton/wool/polyamid blend which should be perfect for summer. Although summer in Rochester has been varying between 90 and 65 degree days this week I'm confident we will see the sun again soon. I know from reading their blogs that Hilary and Rahime have had some issues with cotton socks. Anything I should know ladies, or anyone else reading this blog, before I attempt my first cotton blend socks?


rahime said...

So pretty! I love that yarn! Well, mine fit around my foot because I was knitting toe-up and just increased until it fit, but I turned the heel prematurely. Wool socks will stretch up your foot, but cotton blends don't seem to much. I should have kept going until the heel on the sock hit my actual heel, instead of knitting it to stretch. I think.

Lia said...

YOur socks are looking good! I love the OnLine - what a pretty colorway, perfect for summer socks! I would recommend the princess sole - I have a pair of cotton socks I received in a swap, and I think I would like them better if the knit side were on the inside. To make a preincess sole, you purl when you turn the heel, and purl the sole so that when you wear the sock, the knit side is the side your foot touches, and the purl side is on the bottom.

Can't wait to see them!

Hilary said...

I love the colorway too. I think my mistake was not swatching in pattern ... I tried a lacy pattern and the cotton had so much less give, it was quickly apparent that it wasn't going to fit around my foot.
But I wimped out and haven't gone back to it (though I have several skeins of cotton blend waiting for me) so I have no helpful advice; I'll await yours! Or maybe this will get me inspired to try again. It's certainly too hot today to knit with wool ...